Day: June 4, 2021

I Will Never Understand Humans

Today is errand-running day. The humans have the oddest assortment of items to track down in the Big, Cheap Store. Shorts for the human female, deodorant (because, let’s face it, humans smell), tummy medicine, a filter for the air conditioner, a particular kind of instant noodles, and some monofilament line so the human female can repair the kitty fishing pole that met with the Unfortunate Fan Accident a few weeks back.

The fishing line is in Sporting Goods, on the same aisle as the camping gear.

Apparently, battery operated lanterns count as “camping gear.”

If forced to choose, I guess I’d opt for this fierce one.

Norns’ Nighties! Sigyn, what is that abomination?

“Sparkle the Unicorn?!” Spare me! At least my shark is something actually found, you know, in nature.

Aren’t there any other options?

So help me Fenrir, I know those are supposed to be logs, but all I can see is a pudgy little campfire sitting there with his little legs sticking straight out.

Does anyone have a Sharpie? I need to give this thing a face…

Sweet Sif on a cracker, there are collections. (click, if you dare)

I need to go home and lie down. (But not in a shark sleeping bag or unicorn tent!)

>|: [