Gonna Be Monday All Week, Part II: That Looks Expensive

The human male is just arriving home from running some errands. I can hear the garage door now!

Rr-rrr-rrr-r…r….r… Thud.

Fenrir’s fleacollar! That is not what the garage door is supposed to sound like. It should sound more like a pterodactyl disemboweling a donkey. I do believe my mischief-laden maintenance is paying off today!

While the human female hunts for the information for the garage door repair folks, let’s go take a look.


Hmmm. I’m no expert, but shouldn’t things be symmetrical? Closer inspection is warranted.

That is one big spring! Or, rather, one sort-of-big spring and one smaller spring. I’m simultaneously pleased and disappointed. Pleased, because my plan of never reminding the humans to oil things and of filing a little nick in the coil has paid off. Disappointed, because when these ginormous springs break, they usually make an ear-splitting BANG! that sounds like Ragnarok commencing, and I didn’t get one this time.

Also disappointed that the human male was outside when it malfunctioned and that neither car is trapped inside.

That red-tagged handle is supposedly the emergency opener-thingy.

It’s supposed to disengage the motor drive and allow one to manually open the door, but I’ll let you in an little secret:

The human female is afraid of it. She’s afraid that she’ll somehow make the door worse by pulling it. She’s afraid of the big spring when it’s in one piece, too. She’s also afraid the repairman is going to frown at her when he notices the lack of preventive maintenance.

Ehehehe! Who knew garage doors were so scary?

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