Day: June 9, 2021

Gonna Be Monday All Week, Part III: Your Order Has Arrived!

The humans order quite a few things online. Admittedly, they like to shop locally when they can, but sometimes it is not an option. Take, for instance, their favorite green cleaner. Not only is it green-as-in-slightly-less-bad-for-the-environment, it’s also green-as-in-green-colored. (A fact of which I approve!) Since it is highly effective at removing cat barf from laminate flooring, it’s a staple in this household, but none of the local stores carry it!

And take, for instance, the short-notice invitation to a celebration for the Knittery Friend’s middle son, who is the humans’ godson. (No relation to the blue-haired goddaughter.) The human female knew just the book she wants to gift him, but it wasn’t available in the local bookshop, not even for order-online-and-pick-up-in-store.

Hence an order placed with the Large South American River, consisting of two necessary but quite disparate items.

Shipping via Usually Smashes Parcels Significantly has been very quick. Look, Sigyn, the box is here already!

The Large South American River is well-known for sending orders in multiple packages. This one is quite heavy, so it could be the cleaner, with the book to arrive separately.

By Thor’s bitty ball-peen! They did it!

Someone at LSAR just pitched both items into one box with a minimum of padding. Finally! I’ve been talking to the workers there about trying to make fewer parcels and about using less plastic and/or styrofoam padding. To be more environmentally friendly, you understand. Let’s take a look at the book.

I’ve not read this one, but Sigyn has, and she says it’s very good. It has an award seal on the cover and everything.

Great Frigga’s Corset! This copy appears to have been damaged in transit.

It isn’t really nice enough to be presented as a gift. Look at those warped, wavy pages. It’s almost as if it got wet in transit somehow.

I wonder how THAT happened… Eehehehe! Not only is the neck smashed in and the lid cracked, the lid’s not even fully screwed on! And the enclosing plastic bag LEAKS! Well done, O River Minions and Parcel Smashers, well done!

Now the human male gets to navigate the Large South American River’s online return and replacement request system, which should provide even more fun.

This is shaping up to be a very productive week.

>|: [