Gonna Be Monday All Week, Part IV: Bunches Upon Tons of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Look, Sigyn! Another parcel has arrived. This is something the human male ordered eons ago, an upgrade to one of the games we once explored during a Gaming Weekend. The game has small cubes that represent the “currency” of the game. The original cubes are plastic, painted to look like various metals, but the upgrades are supposed to be real metal, much shinier and heftier, if not actually made of gold, silver, and copper.

No problems with the external packaging, and the contents seem to be nice and secure in one big bag. I made sure to work with the shipper to make sure no accidents or errors occurred. There has been entirely too much of that around here lately!

Zip-lock plastic bags are so useful! They’re one thing Midgard has going for it, I’ll grant you that.

Let’s open it up and have a look.

It looks like there is a smaller zip-lock bag for each color of cube.

This really is very well packaged.

Some might say a bit too well…

Behold! Two hundred little cubes, each in its own tiny zip-lock…

<wipes away tear of pride and joy> It’s…it’s magnificent

>|: [

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