The Aftermath of the Walk, Part II: Of Itches and Annoyances

Ehehehe! Did I mention how awful the mosquitoes are this year? Usually, the human female can go out for a walk with just sunscreen and not insect repellent or the bug veil on her hat, since a good walking pace is faster than mosquitoes are willing to fly to get a nibble, but the other day she stopped to look at plants with Sigyn. That slowed her down just enough to make her easy prey, and now she has three ENORMOUS and itchy bites–one on her check, one on the right side of her jaw, and a third under her left ear. She looks even more lumpy and monstrous than usual, and the more she tries not to scratch, the more they itch.

Good job, little dipteran minons!

She’s so uncomfortable that today she’s decided to fold down the long-neglected treadmill and do her hiking indoors.

Fenrir’s fleacollar! Have you ever seen such dust! I wonder if it still works? (Actually, I don’t wonder. I know. But she’s about to find out…)

The on/off key is still attached. That’s good.

Start it up and have a go!

Ah. I see you’ve found my little surprise! It turns on, and it runs, and you can adjust the speed and the incline, but when it comes to telling you how long or far you’ve gone, or how many scoops of ice cream you’ve burned off, it’s keeping perfectly mum. Blank, blank, blank.

Oh, quit your whining. Just get out your tape measure, measure the length of of the tread belt, count the number of times the seam goes around while you walk, multiply it up, then divide by the number of meters or feet or furlongs or cubits (or whatever units your tape measure has) in a mile, and you’ll know how far you went! Easy-peasy!

Ah. Right. Forgot you can’t count that high.

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