Day: July 14, 2021


The human female is on her fourth (or is it fifth? So many cherries have disappeared into her pie hole that I’ve lost track.) bag of cherries this summer, and it wasn’t until today that she discovered a twin cherry that Sigyn and I can use in our annual cherry pull.

I intend to examine them very carefully for structural flaws. I am determined that this year, I will be triumphant!

3…2…1…. PULL!!!!!

I’m winning! I’m winning! I can feel it! I’m going to win this time, and I can gloat and celebrate and be Cherry Champion for the coming year and…

…and look at Sigyn’s little face! She’s trying soooo hard. Who can say no to that face? Not me. There’s really only one thing to do…

You won! You won, Sigyn! You are the Queen of Cherries!

See that smile?

Totally worth it.

>|: [