To Market, To Market, Part I: To Look at all the Funny Food

The weather is good enough today that we are headed for the local Farmer’s Market in search of whatever they have that isn’t leftover Gaming Weekend snacks, basically. On our last visit, the human female bought some magnificently delicious honey, and she’s hoping the same vendor is here today so that she can buy some to take to her mother, just in case the Condestruction mess is EVER resolved and we can go to El Paso for a visit.

Alas! That honey-seller isn’t here today, but there are plenty of fresh, colorful things to buy. Sigyn thinks the squash are “cute.”

Especially those weird ones that look like ghostly spaceships…

And of course, tomatoes are more fun when they come in BOTH of her favorite colors!

I am more interested in these big, sweet onions.

There is someone a few stalls over selling naturally-fed lamb, and the human male is eyeing it. That plus these will equal something delicious, I’m sure. And if not, if cooking plans go awry and the onions are forgotten and turn all sprouty and mushy and smelly and the human female has to clean that up, well, that’s fun too.

Great Frigga’s Corset! Sigyn, stop! You know what those ARE, don’t you?

They might be an interesting shade of orange, but they are still BEETS. You know the human female loathes, abominates, and despises them, and while it would be fun to buy some and sneak them into the chill chest for her to find and be grossed out by, *I* don’t particularly like them either. I’d much rather the space in the cooler be devoted to things I might actually eat.

Such as these bizarrely pastel eggs. Do you suppose the blue ones are blue on the inside as well??

>|: [

to be continued…

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