We May Have a New Star!

Who doesn’t like apples? (Well, other than the human female’s Knittery Friend, who is allergic.) I myself like a good, tart pome. I’m definitely moreGranny Smith than ‘Golden Delicious.’

My beloved, on the other hand, prefers a more nuanced taste and enjoys apples where the acid is balanced by sugar. She and the human female like old sorts like ‘Orleans Reinette’ and new varieties like ‘Kanzi.’

We are trying a new apple today! I believe it is the 125th apple in the human female’s apple notebook.

Idunn’s Little Apples! This is no shrinking little snack-sized midget! This is a whole meal! What is its name?

You can’t be serious.

Hunnyz’? Really? Norns preserve us, it’s one of those modern apples with a trademarked name and a marketing campaign. And it’s put out by an outfit called “GeeWhiz” fruit.


Note, if you please, that that second “n” has to be backwards. It’s very important! I may be ill…

Well, the proof is in the sampling, so we’ll wait for the human female to peel and cut it…

Huh. No aroma whatsoever.



Mmm hmm. Friends, stoopid name aside, this is a very good apple! Crunchy, juicy, and delightfully crisp without being hard. Sweet, but with enough acid to balance it out and fill the mouth with flavor. Nothing shy about this one!

The human female is jotting notes in her little apple notebook:

“I don’t know if it rates a star yet, but 9/10, would narf again.”

For once, mortal, I concur.

>|: 9

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