Day: July 28, 2021

Or We Could Just Call it the “Ugly Tax”

The humans have finally gotten around to making a long-put-off appointment to have their eyes examined. The ophthalmologist has given them their prescriptions.

The female, being of a tight-fisted nature, and the male, being beyond fed up with self-destructing glasses from the shop in the mall, have been exploring the notion of ordering glasses online.

Knowing that this cannot be accomplished without a certain measurement, they have both asked the assistant to note down their inter-pupillary distance.

See how official this looks?

PP? DD? DP? PD? And 55 what? Feet? Furlongs? The human female is notoriously beady-eyed, so likely it is millimeters, but again, please note the result of a minute longer in the chair.

(later) The human female has ordered some prescription sunglasses online, as a test case. If they suit, she can order her main glasses and so can the male.

(later again.) Interesting mail came for each of the humans today. Bills from their health insurance.

See that $9.67? That’s for measuring that beady-eyed squint. It’s not covered by the insurance! The human female could choose to protest, and I think she probably will, but I don’t imagine it’s going to do any good. Look, woman, you having that done meant *two* people had to stand next to you and look at you and your face very closely, and for longer.

If you ask me, as hazard pay it’s not nearly enough.

>|8 [ (I would look awesome in glasses. But look magnificent in anything…)