Day: August 12, 2021

Less Scary Things at the Herbarium

Europium (II) fluoride, old fruits/seeds/loans/ and unlabeled gas cylinders aside, there are actually some pretty interesting things here at the herbarium. I didn’t feel comfortable taking Sigyn on my ramble among the ancient and/or dangerous junk in the hallway, but I’ve found something over here in the library area of the herbarium that is very fun and very safe. Come, my love–I think you’ll really like this.

See? It’s a collection of little wood samples, arranged alphabetically!

Everything is here, from Alder…

…to Zitherwood.

Sigyn is looking for the reddest one. There aren’t any that are truly red, but she thinks the Cherry Plum is pretty.

And the Cocobolo, while more purple than red, is also very pleasing.

(Not to be confused with Coccoloba, from which a red dye can be made. Drat these common names…)

Hmm. It occurs to me that this would be a good way to pick out what I want for the flooring and woodwork in the palace I’m planning. Which wood is the blackest?

The Ebony, rather disappointingly, is really just a darkish brown,

And the Black Walnut is no darker, though the human female says this is a light piece.

The heart wood of the Guayacan might do…

Oh, no, wait! This one! Sigyn, look how black the Junco is!

I have never heard of this type of wood, and apparently neither has Google, because I all I come up with is a slightly-deranged-looking bird of the same name:

Forest Wood Print featuring the photograph Junco by Steffen Foerster

Stoopid Google! Now I’ll never know what to floor the throne room with! Although maybe I should just use Texas Ebony with its swirly grain, so that all my supplicants are dazzled as they approach.

Wood I do such I thing? I definitely wood!

>|: [