Time For a Break

I have had enough botany for a while! I think I’ve earned a break.

As in, I think it’s time to break something.

I think I’ll start with this.

Looks like some sort of fancy tournament weapon, doesn’t it?

Wrong! It’s the human female’s specially-ordered, specially-expensive microscale. Or, it is when this bit:

…is attached to the end of the wand-y part. It’s engraved in 0.1 mm increments, which lets her hold it next to things under the microscope and measure all sorts of really tiny planty bits that only other botany nerds care about. Too bad she doesn’t know how to solder. She’ll have to see if super-glue works. I’m betting the answer is “no.”

That was fun!

I want to break more things!

How about… a chip clip?

I’ve dohttps://lokispeaks.wordpress.com/2019/04/04/mischief-proceeding-at-a-pretty-good-clip/ne those before, but they’re always fun. What next?

I know! Maybe it’s time for some closet mischief.

Tsk, tsk. They just don’t make hangers like they used to…

One more! I wanna do one more. Hmm. What would be most annoying?

Rats! She caught it as it was falling off her arm, rather than losing it somewhere. And the little spring-loaded pin stayed on the watch. It’s just the leather that separated. I must be losing my touch.

Supposedly this stuff works on leather.

I think she’ll find, however, that it works best on glue caps

>|: [

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