Day: September 3, 2021

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

The human female has been buying stamps on approval online again. Every so often, someone has enough botanical stamps to make it worth her while to make a purchase. Many sellers have a minimum transaction that they’ll take from PayPal. If the stamps are going for five cents apiece and the seller has a two dollar minimum, that means she has to find a good handful of stamps from that seller before the stamps plus postage reaches the two dollars.

Recently, though, she found a seller with stamps from Cambodia and Bhutan, among others, and a lot of them were flowers.

Nice, big, colorful–and with the names actually on the stamps! She bought every one she didn’t already have.

The stamps have come! Let’s see what they look like in person.

Sigyn’s delighted. Some of the stamps are very pretty.

The human female says that the ones with the moth and the butterflies are detailed enough that identifying the plants should be possible. Sigyn is enamored of the sphinx moth on the honeysuckle and wants to pat it. These stamps are just as promised.


…not so much. The weird flying machines and satellites are interesting enough, I suppose, but they’re certainly no daisies. And that building? Completely boring.

Ehehehehe! Close your mouth, woman. You probably just bought the wrong ones by mistake. You know how it is–some sellers put the number by the bottom of the stamp in their photos; others put it near the top. I bet you were looking at the wrong row of numbers.

Or not. Maybe the universe is telling you that you need to take a greater interest in soccer and things that fly. Maybe you should stop being so selfish and see if any of the little boys you know like soccer and would like to have some foreign stamps.

Maybe I’ve just been lending user Kemling1 a hand with his approval sales. . .

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