Day: September 6, 2021

खाने के मामले में यह शहर काफी दिलचस्प होता जा रहा है।

What was once a sleepy little college town in the middle of prairie and cotton fields has become, over the years, a more culturally-interesting bit of Midgard. The humans have heard that a new market, called “Spice World,” has opened in the neighborhood just across the highway. Since this household goes through a rather astonishing amount of spices, they are eager to go take a look, in the hopes that they will be able to acquire items which usually necessitate a trip to a Big City to procure. Sigyn and I are tagging along out of cheerful curiosity (Sigyn) and utter boredom with looking at the same four walls day after day (me).

Idunn’s Little Green Apples! Just walking in the door, it is immediately apparent that this is not an emporium dealing in spices, it is a Complete Purveyor of All Things Indian. I am quite pleased with this development. That particular subcontinent is one I am particularly looking forward to ruling over once I seize control of this entire realm, for its scents and flavors are one of the things which make this rock at all interesting.

Nearest the entrance of this clean, spacious establishment, there are a great number of “snacky” things.

Sigyn is enthralled with all the fancy shapes and colors. She wants to buy some and try them right away. Dearest, I surmise from the name that these need to be cooked first.

The produce section is next, and there is a large assortment in each of our favorite colors. I am drawn to these green, snakey yard-long beans,

while Sigyn would like to sample the furry-spikey red lychees.

Did you know, my love, that lychees look uncannily like eyeballs inside? It’s true!

There is a bewildering variety of ingredients, mixes, and packaged goods here. I will freely admit that some of them are, frankly, baffling.

I am hoping a) that we are not going to buy these beans, or b) if we are, that “moth” means something unwinged and non-antennae-y in Hindi. I know, I know, not eating insects is just a cultural thing, but it’s a culinary tradition near and dear to my heart.

Greata Frigga’s Hairpins! I have heard the human female mention neem oil. It is frequently used in the horticultural trade as a natural pesticide, or occasionally as a skin treatment. I do hope its position between the coconut oil and sesame oil does not mean that anyone is going to consume it.

And what about this?

One devoutly hopes that it is not made with actual nylon.

The instant-lunch cups look infinitely more palatable.

Rice, peanuts, chilies, and crunchy noodles. What’s not to like?

This looks good too:

Now, I know that “aloo mutter” means delicious potatoes, but now I will have that Alan Sherman song stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

Oh! The humans are talking about picking out some things to have for dinner tonight. There is a lot of negotiation going on with regard to types of naan bread and possible side dishes. And how are we to choose between so many available desserts?

Sigyn has picked out what she thinks we should have.

“Gobbles,” eh? That’s certainly what the human female would do!

(Later) Here it is! Our delicious, auspicious Indian repast!

Tasty little samosas stuffed with potatoes and spices, saag paneer with its squeaky cheese and seasoned spinach, a spiced rice, whole-wheat naan bread, and a perfectly ripe, juicy mango.

सावधान रहें– मैं अपने उचित हिस्से से अधिक खाने की योजना बना रहा हूँ!

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