Day: September 7, 2021

Time For More Mischief!

You know how it is when you eat one potato chip–or conquer one small planetoid–and then you just can’t stop yourself from having just one more?

It’s the same with mischief! I had such fun wrecking the human female’ s watch and observing her struggles to re-glue it that I just had to indulge in a little more horological hooliganism.

The human male has a watch too.

It made a very satisfactory noise hitting the laminate floor.

Also, it might say, “shock resistant” on the back of the case, but there is no truth in advertising! It appears to still be capable of function, but since it is currently functioning as a modern art installation in four separate pieces, that is merely a supposition.

Gather up all the bitty bits, mortal, just in case you can manage to figure out how to reassemble it. Although…

Leave me the back-plate. It makes a very serviceable shield.

There! That’s a good bit of mischief for the day. My work here is done. I’m off now to…

Oh, what the heck. Might as well…!

>|: [