Day: September 9, 2021

A Short Treatise on the Color Red

Red is Sigyn’s favorite color. She says it is, “bright and cheerful and excited!!” I can see that. But while red is the color of party balloons and Christmas lights and fireworks, it is also the color of fire engines, stop signs, and blood. Even in nature, red can have different meanings. Red berries and flowers and feathers can mean “food here,” or “come hither, my darling,” while red scales or plumage can signal, “do not eat/court/mess with me.”

In the humans’ new recipe “Lamb with Asparagus and Hoisin Sauce Served Over Thin Wheat Noodles”,

Red means “the butcher at the oriental market needs to take all of the elastic mesh off the lamb leg before he runs it through the slicer.

Fun fact: Even if you hand-pick-over the lamb slices to get the fat and gristle out, red elastic is invisible against the red meat and you will only see it once the meat has browned…

Come, my love, we are going out for pizza.

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