Camisones de Las Nornas! De Donde Vienen Todos Estos Sellos?!

Not too long ago (but before the car trouble$), the human female stumbled onto a stamp vendor in a part of Midgard called “Spain.” Seeing that this purveyor had stamps from many countries and not just Spain, she did a search for “plants/flowers/fruit” and sorted the results from least to most expensive, so as not to start with wildly-overprice rarities or plate blocks of twenty stamps where she only wanted one.

I knew she was going to buy a quite a few things, having a bit of pocket money put aside, and she did indeed load a LOT of different lots into her virtual shopping cart. 0.85 euro here, 1.25 euro there. Nothing extravagant, but it did end up. I couldn’t dissuade her, but I could make actually buying them as difficult as possible.

First, I tripped her up when she was trying to set up an account profile to do the actual buying. She had to try to communicate back and forth with the company–in a different time zone, in a different country, on a different continent, in a different hemisphere–in Spanish!–to get it all sorted.

Then, in all the fussing and reloading of pages and whatnot, I made three quarters of her extensive shopping cart vanish into thin air. She had to go back and add all the items in over again, one by one.

Next, muddled up the payment. Did you know that if you tickle it just right, you can get PayPeople not to work? The little icon just kept going round and round and round. She was finally able to complete the transaction via credit card, because she is a stubborn little terrier and refused to let go of this particular philatelic bone.

A package came today, and unless I’m mistaken, it should be full of many, many bits of colored paper.

This is indeed a prodigious haul!

The humans have sorted them all into little piles by country–and there are seventy-six of them.

Identifying and cataloguing these is going to take weeks, let alone getting them all mounted into albums.

And–and this is an important question, woman–just how are you going to keep the Terror Twins out of all of this while you do it?

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