Day: September 29, 2021

A Last Few Sweet Things

I must admit, I have enjoyed my time here in the desert-y end of the state. The food has been great, the scenery is a welcome change, and it is ALWAYS a treat to spend time with someone who isn’t the human male and female. Aside from poor Sigyn breaking her arm and the lecture I received about “Not Criticizing Others’ Handicrafts When They Were Just Doing Their Best With What They Had”, it has been a good visit.

Now there are just a last few things to do.

We need to go for another walk.

We need to look at some more tiny flowers.

And the human female has to offer a further bit of quilt-related help. Her mother is nearing completion of a quilt of her own, not one inherited in pieces from someone else. It’s all in shades of chocolate and caramel, and it will probably end up being named “Sweet Shop” or something similar.

Sigyn and the human female put their giggly little heads together and decided that it needs some appliqued chocolates scattered upon it. The human female bought two colors of fabric—for milk and dark “chocolate”—and created a half-dozen fabric morsels that look right out of a Whitman’s Sampler.

(For someone who can’t eat chocolate at all, she sure has an unhealthy obsession with it.)

These two are our favorites. Sigyn likes the dark chocolate swirl and says it has a cherry cordial inside.

I, of course, have claimed the one with the “L” and the bite taken out of the corner.

There is just time for one or two more shared family stories, one more round of good-night hugs, and one more delicious breakfast before we take to the road very, very early tomorrow morning.

Farewell, mountains. Farewell, desert wildflowers. Farewell, human female’s mother. Take care of yourself until we can visit again.

>|: [