They Left You a Present…

Make that multiple presents.

The human female has thrown on her shabby yardening clothes (virtually indistinguishable from her regular clothes, but that’s another story…), slathered on the sunscreen, doused herself with bug repellent, and put on her floppy hat with the bug veil and gone out to attack the untamed savannah which is the lawn.

But before she can wrestle the mower through the tall grass and around all the trees, she must first make sure that it won’t ruin its innards by gobbling up indigestible bits left behind by the roofing crew. She has hung a small trash bag from the mower’s handle and is picking up flotsam and jetsam as she goes.


Come, Sigyn. Let us see what she found lurking in the overgrowth.

Odin’s Eyepatch!

That is rather a lot of hardware. And I believe the nail on the square metal bit is something she picked out of one of the mower tires. I did tell the workmen not to worry overmuch about picking up anything they dropped, since bending over to pick things up is good exercise for the human female, but I didn’t think there’d be quite so many pointy bits.

And it’s not all nails and screws, either.

There are bunches upon tons of manies of bits of shingle and tar paper. And since they’ve been sitting in the grass for a while, they were extra-crumbly and just fell apart into scads and scads of smaller, more brittle bits as she picked them up.

Looks like we have condiment packages from workmen’s lunches too. That’s a nice, colorful touch. And this isn’t everything—there’s still more in the bag!

Yes, indeed. That is quite the collection! Those roofers exceeded my wildest expectations. And they say you can’t get good help nowadays!

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