Day: October 12, 2021

We Might Need to Invent a New Word

It will come as no surprise that there is a LOT of ink in this house. You have read before that the entire household has been infected (and are carriers!) of Pen Pox, the incurable–though not usually fatal–addiction to fillable writing instruments and what fills them. The human male seems bent on collecting a sample of every dark green fountain pen ink on the planet, and he is in perpetual search of the perfect maroon that matches the University’s color. The human female has several orders of magnitude fewer inks, and hers tend to be the colors of foliage and flowers, things that look like watercolor when they dry. (Except for that one weird pinky-brown one she has that she describes as the “color of cooked pinto beans.” Yes, she’s strange.)

There are different ways to acquire inks–direct purchase at the Purveyor of Pens in the Big City to the South or other emporia, at pen shows, via mail order, and by trading samples with other individuals afflicted by Pen Pox.

Recently, the human male arranged a sample trade with one of his fellow addicts. The little vials have come in today’s post and he is about to open them. I arranged a surprise for him. Let’s see how it plays out.

We are through the outer packaging and into the guts of the parcel.

Ehehehehe! This does not bode well. Padding material should not look like used battleground field dressings…

Suspecting that this may be a Messy Operation, the human male has moved everything into a containment field.

I think I see hints of yellow and green as well as the red mess of the other side.

Vinyl gloves have been donned and surgery is commencing. Careful, now!

By Asgard’s Technicolor Sunsets!

Is there going to be any ink at all left in the sample vials??

The vial of blue has been extracted.

Given the state of the packing and that the label on the blue vial was supposed to be white and not red, I think we can assume that the red vial will be discovered to have leaked.

All of the vials are now free of the wrapping, and all seem to have misbehaved to one degree or another.

They were all supposed to be full, though some of them seem to have disgorged half or more of their contents. The human male is going to write to his trading partner to see if a reship of the emptier colors can be arranged.

We need a new word for occurrences such as this. Hmm… What shall it be?

I have it! I N K S P L O S I O N!

So, just what brand and line of inks are these the human male has acquired?

Why, Troublemaker, of course!

>|: [