Day: October 14, 2021

It Might Not Be The Most Important Meal of the Day, But It Is The Most Delicious

We are on a fleeting visit to the Big City to the South to meet up with the Knittery Friend and her family. The smaller members of this family insist on growing at an alarming rate, and they are larger each time I see them! Soon they will be old enough to recruit into my army of minions, so there is that to look forward to.

All of that growing (and the human female’s gluttony!) dictate that the consumption of food should be involved in this visit. An establishment that specializes in what mortals call “brunch” (a very silly word) has been selected. There is quite a wait, and the hungrier members of our party are growing antsy, but I am assured that the cuisine will be worth waiting for.

We are seated inside now. There are no actual menus and we have been directed to an online version. Scroll, scroll, scroll…

There is an entire section of something called “Arnolds.” I’m not sure I even want to guess what that might entail.

We have ordered, and while we wait for our food, Sigyn is exploring the coffee creamer options.

She doesn’t drink coffee, but I suspect that, left unsupervised, she might try to just drink the French Vanilla one straight out of the little container…

It’s either that or start digging into the jam.

Do you think she could eat all of it, even without toast? My guess is yes.

Myself, I am both intrigued by and fearful of this green stuff.

I have so many questions. If it is made with jalapeños (which are a relatively mild green chilli), why is the illustration of a flaming red pepper? Is that merely the brand label? Is “greengo” a play on the word “gringo”? And why “gringo” anyway–is it meant to imply that gringos can only handle the mild stuff? If it’s meant to be refrigerated after opening, why is it just sitting out on the table? And finally and most importantly, can I sneak some of this into/onto whatever the human female orders?

The food has arrived, and I’m still not sure a) what it is that she has ordered and b) whether it would be improved with a surreptitious addition of capsaicin.

Ah. I have been informed that this is something called “shrimp and grits.” There appears to be a great deal of tomato and bacon atop the grits as well, along with two fried triangles of something tortilla-ish. I am still perplexed by all of this, but I can tell just by looking that has approximately three days‘ worth of calories. I can only hope the human female immediately asks for a to-go box and sets aside half of this for another meal.

Who am I kidding…

Must have been good. It disappeared so quickly that I never got a chance to add the hot sauce.

>|: [

P.S. This is a chain restaurant. I hear they are opening one in the city we live in, so I may yet have a chance to have all my questions answered.