Day: October 15, 2021


Previously, I related the multicolored mess that was the human male’s shipment of ink samples. His trading partner apologized profusely and agreed to reship the worst offenders. The packet has just arrived. Let’s see whether he has had better luck.

Each vial is in its own little bag this time.

The blue does not look promising.

Though it looks decidedly less bloody than prior packaging.

Yes, indeed! There is leakage in this batch of samples too. My mischievous magic is holding well! However, between the old vials and the new, he has a more-or-less complete sample of each color, so satisfaction has been achieved.

Great Frigga’s Hairpins! Spillage has occurred!

Someone should come clean this up! I’ve no idea whether this ink will stain laminate flooring, but it is probably best (if less fun!) not to put the hypothesis to empirical testing.

Of course, by “someone,” I do not mean me. You made the mess; you clean it up!

But, I’m not a monster. I shall summon help for this operation.

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