Day: October 19, 2021

Well, What Did You Expect?

I have noted before the human female’s preference for unusual colors in fountain pen ink. She is also rather finicky about her pens. Perhaps you recall the antique olive green one she purchased at her first pen show? It has never functioned satisfactorily, being unpleasantly “scratchy. Recently, she had an expert adjust the tines so that now it writes smoothly.

She wants to fill it with an olive-green ink to match the pen. That weird color she has called “Walk the Dog” is just about perfect. The human male filled the pen for her yesterday, did a little test sentence, and handed it over. The middle sample is what the ink is supposed to look like. (The bottom one is her weird pinto bean ink, “Brunch Date.”)

So it does write olive for the human male. The human female’s test sentence is at the top up there. Tada! While olive green is green, I like darker greens better, so I changed it for her. No olive here, no sir!

After she asked herself what ink had been in the pen last (because, even though the human male flushed the pen, sometimes there’s a little carry-over), she located her little pen notebook in which she writes down what is in all of her pens.

Ehehehehehe! See that?! Same pen, the Shaeffer 275, and the same ink! Dark green in the Shaeffer and olive green in anything else!

I have thoroughly enspelled this particular writing instrument, and no matter what color you put into it, mortal, dark green is going to come out. Get used to it.

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