Batting 1.000

As much fun as we have had looking at plants recently, it is time to think about eating some. Thus, a trip to the local greengrocer.

On second thought, we might not want to eat these.

I expect they’d be rather rubbery and chewy. Sigyn is enchanted by how none of them are green. The pink ones are her favorite (so very nearly red), but the gray ones have caught her attention too.

This one, now.

I still owe the human female for losing my helmet in the sedge meadow, so I think this magnificent specimen is going in her next salad. “Here, madam. I have prepared an unusually succulent repast for you.” I won’t even be lying!

But we are here for more traditional fare. I got all excited when I saw the sign for these:

Until I realized that these aren’t going to be full of actual blood. They’re just red inside. Rats. I was planning such a surprise for the human female’s morning juice!

Lettuce. Carrots. Apples. Lots of apples. Pecans. Pumpkins. Beans. The usual.

Lettuce see (ha! See what I did there?) what non-produce comestibles they have. There is some whitish cheese in the cooler, and they have the Middle Eastern flatbread again. I’ve made them stop carrying the Parmesan cheese breadsticks the human female likes–again!, and that low sugar yogurt she bought here once but hasn’t been able to find again. She could get a big sack of lentils though. Yogurt/lentils. Same, same.

The human male has reminded her that they are nearly out of popcorn. They usually get the heirloom kind with the thin reddish-black hulls. Do they have some today?

Noop. Not unless Amish popcorn is invisible.


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