When Worlds Collide

The Nine Realms are an interesting place. There is much that is strange and magical, and sometimes I could swear that whoever is running the universe has a sense of humor. (Norns, I’m giving you the side-eye…)

The human female is a plant nerd. This is an established fact. She looks at plants. She identifies them. She writes about them. I write about her looking at them and writing about them.

The human female collects stamps. She has them from all over Midgard, and some of them feature very unusual plants. And sometimes the stamps she buys online fail to show up, or a vendor leaves something out of an order. This is also not news.

What is out of the ordinary is what happened today. One of the sellers of approvals had omitted twelve stamps from a shipment, and the human female called him on it. He later found the missing stamps and sent them. (I may or may not have suggested to him that she was fibbing in order to get more stamps, and he was terse enough with her that she’s shy of buying from him again. Ehehehehe.)

Often, enough time elapses between purchase and delivery that the human female, with her goldfish-level memory, forgets just what she’s chosen, and frequently she just looks at something, says, “Oh, I know I don’t have that one!” without reading the botanical name on the stamp (if it’s even visible in the online image). Imagine the collective surprise in this household, then, when she opened up the packet with the dozen missing stamps, took a good look, and found this:

The plant on the stamp is Bidens pilosa, the Mystery Plant from Lick Creek Park that she embarrassed herself with so thoroughly last month!!! It says so, right on the stamp. What are the odds of that? Upwards of two hundred and fifty thousand flowering plants on this rock, about a half million different stamps, and TA DA!

Her little mind is boggling. To help her wrap it around this unlikely collision of two of her manias, I’ve constructed a little Venn diagram.

Close your hanging-open mouth, mortal. You look more ridiculous than usual.

>|: [

P.S. Why, yes, it *is* still technically illegal for her to own stamps from Cuba. Wouldn’t it be awful if someone in a position to do something about it saw this post and she got in trouble?

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