Day: December 3, 2021

I Would Have Thought That This Was The One Thing Of Which We Have Quite Enough Already

The humans are up early because, apparently, today is a Very Special Day! What day is it? It is that most joyous of occasions, the Friends of the Bryan Library Book Sale!

Every year, the library has a big used book sale, the contents of which represent those volumes culled from the shelves of the libraries of this city and the next, plus boxes upon cartons upon crates of donations gathered over the preceding year. The humans have not attended a sale for many years, the last one they went to having been hosted in a mall, where there was plenty of room to s p r e a d o u t. Nowadays, the sale is in the library in downtown Bryan, so we’ll see how that goes.

Great Frigga’s Corset! Every mortal in the two cities possessed of eyes to read with seems to have had the same idea. Our chances of finding a parking space seem remote indeed!

(later) I believe we are occupying the last available parking spot on the block. Now to gird our bibliophilic loins, enter the library, and find the actual sale.

Thor’s Bitty Ballpeen. I can’t even…

This upstairs room is not large, and it is full of tables. The tables are full of books. Between the books and the tables are more people than I have seen smashed into one place since pre-plague times. Each one is carrying a large paper bag, because the rule seems to be that whatever you can fit in it is all one price. Sigyn, my love! Are you all right? I can see the whites of your eyes. Take a deep breath, stick close to me, and try to just look at the books right in front of you. This is definitely not the place for a panic attack.

The human female doesn’t look so good, either. She looks to be about one short second from turning tail and bolting. Which will win–her intrinsic drive for self-preservation or her innate greed for tomeage beyond the shelf capacity of her domicile? That’s a rhetorical question. Of course books win.

The books are more or less sorted by genre. I say “more or less” because there is a lot of picking up and putting down going on here, and shopper accuracy is somewhat less than 100%.

We seem to standing in Thrillers and Mysteries, my pet. Is there something else you would rather look at?

Ah. Books for younger mortals. There are quite a few such on the humans’ Christmas list, and since their parents are not averse to pre-loved volumes, I predict our paper bag will contain quite a few.

Sigyn has now discovered the table with audiobooks.

The human female says she has read two of these as book-books. The one about children’s caretakers, she says, was full of parents behaving badly, though it was “sharp” and “witty.” Spare me. I have no need to read about the selfishness and stupidity of mortals. I get enough of that at home already.

We have now passed by this large green book three or four times.

The human female owns a copy, and it is one of her favorites. She keeps pointing it out to the people here and recommending it. So far, no takers. Woman, if a wild-eyed, bemasked stranger with unfortunate hair started harping about a book to you, all but shoving it in your face, would you be inclined to read it? I rather think not!

(a long, claustrophobic time later…)

For better or for worse, here is the humans’ Big Bag o’Books:

I’m not sure I could fit so much as a slim pamphlet into this bag. There are a bunch of books for very small children, some for middle sized children, some history for the male, some novels for the female, and a book about word games. Not a bad way to spend $20.00 and a morning.

And now, we all want to go home; go into separate, big, quiet, mostly empty rooms; and just breathe…

>|: [