Day: December 24, 2021

Where’s Mine?

The human female and her do-gooder friends are doing the gift-drive for the less-fortunate again this year. It involves weeks of planning, days of shopping, frenetic wrapping, an Excel spreadsheet the size of a small county, dozens of helping hands, and more tape and markers than you can possibly imagine.

The gifts have arrived!

And this is only part of the haul! Seriously, there are SO MANY PARCELS that I’m sure no one will miss one or two. I’ll have to shake and poke the best-looking ones to find out which is the best.

The staging room is filling up.

And filling some more!

Packages everywhere, sorted by family and carefully checked off. Giving Tree tags get replaced with name tags. Making sure the recipients end up with the right gift is crucial. Granny is not going to be thrilled with a man’s shaving kit, and six year old Timmy probably doesn’t want a mermaid doll. (I could mix up all the tags, but I don’t have anything against the people getting these gifts. Making little hiccups for the human female to sort out is a different story!)

This is only one of the rooms. There are two other rooms and a long hallway full of even more loot! I mean it–no one will know if I help myself to a little something.

(poke poke poke) Ugh.

This one feels like clothes. Vicente can keep his sweater or whatever. I shall keep looking.

What did you discover, Sigyn?

You want the cuddly moose to come home with us? I think that can be arranged.

Hmm. Does Michael have anything interesting?


Snooped too hard!

Sigyn has something she wants to say.

“We hope you and yours have a very Merry Everything!”

>|: [