A Winter Tradition, Part III: Meeting the Locals

Sigyn says one of her favorite parts of going on vacation is getting to know new people. I can’t say the same. I barely tolerate the mortals I already know. Meeting more of them sounds like as much fun as having my hair braided by my oafish brother Thor. (When he was about seven, he went through a Pretty Princess phase neither of us really likes to talk about.)

Sigh. For Sigyn’s sake I will paste on my best fake smile and greet the local populace.

Sleipnir’s Fetlocks!

I was under the impression that spotted owls were small birds. Clearly I have been misinformed.

All the local wildlife is a bit on the large side.

It wasn’t on my list of things to do today, but I guess we can help these fellows make snowmen. Let’s make it interesting. Sigyn, you help Nutkin over there with his, and I will help Earl with his, and we’ll see whose comes out best.

(later) Well, that was entertaining. Not. Those two long-tailed tree rats proved to have zero brain cells apiece and failed utterly to grasp the notion of piling one snowball atop the other. We ended up with two identical balls of snow. Nutkin’s had a few fewer embedded pine needles, so he was unanimously declared the winner. That is forty-five minutes of my life I will never get back…

This polar bear seems to have more going on upstairs.

She is smart enough to know that if she makes the slightest menacing gesture toward my sweetie or puts so much as one whisker out of place, Ursus maritimus is going to be one individual closer to extinction.

All of this hiking and schmoozing has given me an appetite. Sigyn, why don’t you go ask that jolly-looking hedgehog where we can get a good lunch?

“She says we should eat at her cafe, Tiggywinkle’s. It’s just over the next hill and specializes in mushroom dishes.”

Hmm. I suppose a nice portabello burger might taste good right now. Let’s go. But if I see Amanita Surprise on the dessert menu, I’m out of there.

(later, after a delicious lunch)

Sigyn, are you enjoying your holiday?

“Yes, Loki, very much!”

Come here and be smooched. Happy Yule, my precious.

>|: ]

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