Day: January 4, 2022

Into the New Year, Part III: *Yawn* The Tour

Sweet Sif on a Cracker. I thought that the worst thing at this event would be if someone wanted to play party games. It’s so much worse than that.

Stark is giving those of us who haven’t been here before a tour of his workrooms. I know most of the world would give anything to get a glimpse of where the “Great Man” “makes the future happen,” but I would pay good money not to have to listen to him. However, Sigyn has made the “Behave, Loki Eyebrows” at me, so I will bite my tongue and trail along to view this Monument to Me exhibit.

Stark has all of his previous suits of armor on display. Some of them are in pretty rough shape, but these two are mostly in one piece.

He’s so proud of them that he even make a miniature Hall of Armor so that he could have a display of the display.

Recursive and narcissistic.

That’s not the only model here. There’s a mock-up of the Helicarrier.

And a scale model of a Quin Jet.

I have un-fond memories of one of those…

He even has a replica of the whole tower!

I have some bad recollections of that as well.

Ehehehehe! Hope Stark has vermin-proofed those suits…

Oh, marvelous. We have moved on from models and are now “meeting” some of the bots.

I am not sure, but I think they’re an Iron Legion Snowman and a windup Hulkbuster. A few minutes with Rocket, though, and they’ll be just a pile of loose bolts.

What is this thing? Some sort of fancy snow globe?

“No, it’s my first—well, my second—chest arc reactor. Pepper had it mounted for me.”

(Pepper:) “Proof that Tony Stark has a heart.”

Great Frigga’s Corset! The man is still talking!

No, Stark. I do not wish to “stay and meet Jarvis.” Enough. I am done with this tour (and your ego.) I feel a most urgent need to go back to the main room and fortify myself with refreshments. Turkey leg. Lobster. Margarita. Mead. I don’t care–anything that is not here…

>|: [