A Visit to the Not-so-wild West, Part II–Do You See a Pattern Here?

The human female is quite the stick-in-the-mud when it comes to boardgames. There are a few she’ll play willingly, notably ones that rely on trivia or drawing or verbal skills, or ones that are humorous or require the participants to do silly things.

Today we are learning a new game which involves none of these things. Strategy is required, which means the human female will almost definitely lose. Especially since she is distracted by the pretty game pieces. They are supposed to be Portuguese azulejo tiles, but she thinks half of them look like fabric and the other half like Starburst candies.

Sigyn, have you figured out how the scoring works yet?

The object seems to be to fill the rows on the card with tiles from the round disks or from the discard pile. At the end of a round, one tile from each filled row is moved across to the corresponding space on the “wall” and scores one point for itself and any other tile it touches vertically or horizontally. There are bonuses and penalties for various patterns and occurrences.

I predict (and I am never wrong about these things) that the human male will win, the mother will get up to tend to a meal and not come back, the sister will catch on quickly, and the human female and my beloved will spend most of the game wondering what a Lemoyne Star quilt block is doing in a game about wall tiles.

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