Day: January 14, 2022

Hun bruger en eftermiddag på at bygge et lille japansk træ af bittesmå stykker dansk plastik

We all know the human female is bor-ing, but today she is also bor-ed. She has decided to catch up on some of her recorded television shows while exploring her Yule gift from the blue-haired goddaughter.

Sweet Sif on a Cracker. It would appear that she’s playing with her little bits of colored plastic again. (I still fail to see the appeal.) She has hidden the box from us, so I’ve no idea what she’s making. The kit includes a tool for prying the pieces apart. It’s like they know she’s going to mess it up!

I can’t tell from the instructions what this is going to be, Sigyn. Can you?

There are six bags of bits, so it could be almost anything. I guess she is starting with a base of some sort.

Grey bits go under beige bits. Got it.

Ehehehehe! She got to step four and discovered she’d gone wrong at step two!

Those beige bits need to go long sides together, not short sides together. What an idiot!

Sigyn has located the funny white corner pieces the human female needs next.

All right. We’ve reached this point, and I still don’t know what we are making.

Some sort of decorative firepit???

Do you think I should start a fire? Because I think I should start a fire. . .

The human female has started on another portion of the model.

It is even less informative than the previous part! What is that one small part blue? And what is the black rod poking out for?

Now it looks like it might be the stern portion of a ship…

But then what is the firepit for??

Hmm. I’m starting to get a notion…

Sigyn, I think this looks like a tree trunk. With vines What do you think?

Ha! I was right!

The blue-haired goddaughter, knowing well how black the human female’s thumb is, has supplied the wherewithal to build an ersatz bonsai tree.

Under whose shade I will now rest.

Do you wish to know the best part of this afternoon’s project? It’s a little bonus. The human female has discovered that trying to watch TV (far–requires spectacles) and build a model at the same time (near–does not require spectacles) is a sure-fire way to achieve an excruciating migraine.

Serves you right for multi-tasking.

>|: [