Day: January 21, 2022

A Truth Universally Acknowledged, Part I: The Prepwork

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the human female is not in want of any new projects. She is already mired in projects enough to perpetually occupy someone with twice her acumen and six times her available waking hours. So what does she do?

Why, she starts something new, of course! A new stitching project. This, when her craft room already houses so many UnFinished Objects (UFOs) that I refer to it as “Area 51.”

What has caught her eye this time? It’s this design, from Riverdrift Needlework.

I have no idea why. It doesn’t have flowers, and it doesn’t look like her usual thing at all. But she had a little leftover Yule money and she downloaded the .pdf pattern.

It was at this point that I got involved.

She’s trying to open the pattern now, but it’s telling her she needs a password. Look, I’m trying to keep your precious sampler file safe, all right? Ehehehehe! She knows the company emailed her the password when they sent the email with the receipt. She just has to dig through the fetid and festering swamp that is her inbox to find it.

Armed with the password, she has opened the file. She thinks she can get round the password in future by saving the file with a different name. Pitiful mortal! I’ve made sure that every version of the file will locked. You’ll just have to hang on to that password.

Time to print out the pattern.

You’re right, Sigyn. In shades of gray, it’s a bit hard to tell some of the symbols apart. (I did that!) If she wants to not go crazy stitching, this won’t do. She’s going to have to bestir herself and go someplace with a color printer to be able to make any sense of this at all.


Sigyn is excited, because a good portion of the pattern is red.

Or is it? I had a little tweak of things. The human female is checking the colors called for, and the lighter “red” specified unquestionably on the very, very orange side.

You can call DMC 351 “red”, but no one will really believe you. Certainly, it’s not a color the human female wants to use, since she’s hoping the finished piece will look a little Yule-ish. This is going to necessitate a trip to the craft store to look at all the floss and pick out something more akin to what she has in mind.

(later again)

That was fun! The “red” was indeed orange, the gray looked purple, and the brown called for was much too green. They were out of one of the colors specified (though she probably has it in her stash), and one of the colors she selected was the last of its kind and is missing the band with the number, so she’ll never be quite sure what it is.

This is the final palette.

Looks all right, I suppose. Am I done making mischief?

Oh, no. Not by a long shot. I’m just getting started.

>|: [