So Many Pretty Stamps on the Outsides!!! (Sigyn Speaks)

More pretty stamps have come in the mail today! Stamp days are the best days, because all of these envelopes from far-away places come stuffed with the most beautiful flowers. And in February, when it’s cold, we need all the flowers we can get, right?

Sometimes the stamps on the envelopes are as nice as the ones inside.

My friend doesn’t collect mushrooms, but this is a lovely one anyway. I love the color! I’m not sure how it made it through the post without being cancelled! Wasn’t that lucky?

I couldn’t tell what these stamps were…

…until I realized they were upside down snow-cat vehicles and not little cottages with very smokey chimneys. But since they’re for Antarctica, it’s appropriate that they’re upside down! Hee hee hee!

This envelope came all the way from Serbia. And the sender put yellow flowers on!

And also purple ones!

We can soak those off and put them in the album. Bonus!

“Loki, come look at the other stamps on this envelope! They’re gorgeous! They look like little icons!

“Religious icons or computer screen icons?”

“Church ones, but they’re sooo pretty!”

“No thanks. You know that sort of thing gives me hives. But you go ahead and enjoy them.”

Loki is missing some great art!

I think maybe they are from Christmas and Easter.

All in all, a very special envelope!

Ово је најлепша коверта икад послата поштом!

But what’s inside the envelope?

Loki has no problem with the contents, but I’m afraid he’s not as big a fan of vegetable stamps as I am.


Aren’t these just the most beautiful stamps ever?

Red berries! Fruit! APPLES!!!!!

I know that I’m supposed to be very careful around stamps and not handle them except with tongs, but it’s all I can do not to hug all of these!!!

Stamp days are the BEST days!

: )

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