Happy Birthday to Me!, Part II: I Say, Old Bean, Tally-pip Toodle Cheerie-ho, What?

The part of the Big City to the South where the Purveyor of Pens is located is called Rice Village. (I don’t know why. The Chinese restaurant moved out years ago…) It is famous for know why. The Chinese restaurant moved out years ago…) It is famous for (mostly overpriced) shops and shops and eateries.

One of the shops Sigyn and I haven’t been in before is one which sells all sorts of imports from the British Isles. The humans are more than a little “homesick” for London, so the human female has decided that we are all going to go see what they have today.

Ooooh! This place is fancy! Mortals, are you sure there’s anything in here you can afford? I shall have to mind my horns and cape so as not to knock over anything expensive. (On the other hand, if I break something, they’ll probably bill the humans, so maybe I should let loose and have some fun…)

The selection of china is quite impressive. Sigyn and the human female are squeeing fit to break crystal, because a lot of it is botanical.

Sigyn thinks it would be fun to eat off blueberry plates every day. That could indeed be fun.

The human female has made a bee-line for the Portmeirion.

Sigyn, do you want the little pansy cream pitcher? Because I could sell one of the human female’s kidneys and buy it for you.

And I think I’ll have this manchineel tree.

I’m not sure why they saw fit to decorate a plate that people will presumably eat from with one of the most noxious and toxic plants known to man. But I’m all for it!

There are more teacups and mugs here than I have ever seen in one place before. I may have to circle back and get this one for Sigyn. It has flowers, fruit, AND a fat little bird on it, which renders it pretty much perfect as far as she’s concerned.

Not all of the china is strictly botanical. Animals, as noted above, are well-represented.

What do you think? A fox plate for a Trickster God and snowdrops for my sweetie?

Or do we go all-out and buy the plate with the whole forest menagerie?

If I buy a cake plate, will they throw in a cake? It is my birthday, after all!

This talk of cake is making me hungry. There’s a whole room devoted to British/Irish/Scots comestibles. Shall we go see what’s to hand?

Sigyn is a big fan of fudge.

Looks like a Yule thing on post-holiday closeout, my dear. Best check that sell-by date!

Hmm. I think this bag may be following me home:

*I* don’t want to eat them, but the human male likes to try weird flavors of chips–pardon me, crisps–and I want to watch his face when he tries these.

We could spend all day in here (but my stomach is starting to growl, so I’m hoping we don’t!) I’m sure that Sigyn and the human female are trying to figure out a way to make the house look like the inside of this shop. Ladies, I don’t think it’s possible. Not on the humans’ pensions, anyway.

But if you really, really want some of the botanical china, just create a minor distraction…

…and I’ll break into Gringotts and abscond with the funds to pay for it.

>|: [

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