Meeting Some New, Very Old Friends

Great Frigga’s Corset! Sigyn, stand very still! I think we may have some new neighbors.

Or, rather, some very old neighbors . Unless I miss my guess (and I am seldom wrong) this trio is Jurassic-adjacent. I hope they’re friendly!

Ah, it appears that they are very friendly indeed. Sigyn has worked her usual magic and charmed this one entirely.

It’s already doing tricks for her! It can do hand stands…

And sit up and beg…

I think it’s trying to teach the pink one the same stunts. Meanwhile, Bronty over here keeps falling over .

(poke poke poke) You really are just a bit top-heavy, aren’t you?

You know, I don’t think it was a meteorite or comet that killed the dinosaurs. I think they were just too uncoordinated to survive…

>|: [

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