Day: March 15, 2022

Musings, Part II: It’s All About the Trappings

My little notebook is now full of good ideas for achieving total domination and being the very best God-Conqueror of Midgard I can be. By the looks of all the fancy trappings and de luxe accoutrements this Ramses fellow had, such a program of self-promotion and aggrandizement can be quite profitable indeed!

What do you think, Sigyn?

Shall I copy Ramses and build an enormous temple above the Brazos and put four monolithic statues of myself right there on the front? But twenty-one meters each, as these were, seems a bit small. I’m thinking thirty meters, minimum.

There is no need for a temple or palace to be dull or plain when it comes to interior decoration, either.

Larger-than-life polychrome murals create a very powerful ambience, as well as giving you more places to plaster your name. (Get it, plaster?)

Magnificent horns, my good sir. You are to be commended.

I plan to fill a whole swarm of temples and my palace with all things ornate and costly. This solid gold trinket box is rather nice.

Note to self: Consider manifesting with wings. They certainly make an impression.

Smaller, more personal, items are important too. Look at this beauty:

Bronze, gold, lapis lazuli, and colored enamel. I could slay in style with something like this. If I can deactivate the alarms and distract a few guards, I could slay in style with this very item. Come to Loki, my stabby, stabby beauty!

And—not that I have any immediate plans to shuffle off my immortal coil—when the day comes for me to take my place as rightful ruler of Valhalla as well, I shall leave instructions for my physical remains to be housed in something simple, tasteful…

…and solid silver. With separate solid silver caskets for all of my favorite organs.

Until then,

>|: [