The Big City to the South Always Makes Me Hungry

It has been a long day! First the museum, then the pens and the posies, then a whole series of various shops and markets, most of which we’ve been to before. All of this running around has made us all hungry.

We had poke bowls for lunch, something I had tried before. I was predisposed to like it, since poking things is a big part of what I do. This particular poketorium let us choose what we wanted in the bowl. Neither Sigyn nor I are enthused about raw fish, so we shared a bowl with chicken, tofu, leafy greens, avocado, mandarin oranges, a bit of pineapple, and a lot of sesame seeds.

Pretty tasty!

But now we are at the end of our expedition, and there can be no question about where we shall dine before taking the road for home. Time for the Sushi-go-Round!

An order of gyoza is mandatory.

Sigyn likes the dipping sauce so much she is contemplating swimming in it. Dearest, may I suggest you not? It would be a long, sticky ride home in wet velvet.

The human female and Sigyn like the vegetable-filled hand rolls.

Which is funny, because you’d think it’d be me who wanted the green food on the green plate, but no. (I don’t like nori that much.)

I am, however, all about the shrimp avocado rolls.

The human male ordered an avocado hand roll (like the veggie roll but with only avocado) and this showed up by mistake. We ate it anyway.

And, finally, there can be only one way to end such a full and self-indulgent way—with the most self-indulgent dessert there is.

Fish waffles!

The humans never get tired of taiyaki. Neither do Sigyn and I. This time, the human male ordered his fish-shaped waffle full of purple taro goo.

Sir, I believe your fish has sprung a leak.

The human female has opted for horchata-flavored soft-serve and a fish full of sweet, red beany goo.

Sigyn has graciously offered to help her with it. I’m still deciding… The matcha soft-serve is green, but I’m not sure I want tea-flavored ice cream.

Fun fact: When we were here last, I thought that the servers ripped the faces off the fish so they could fill them before upending them in the ice cream, and I offered to eat all the ripped-off fish faces. Turns out that the open-mouthed fish with ice cream are a Korean interpretation of the Japanese taiyaki and are called ah-boong. They are made with their mouths open. There is no bucket of delicious, ripped-off fish faces.

Taiyaki, ah-boong,

You’re so delicious.

I like you more

Than all the other fishes!

>|: 9

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