If it were just chocolate and marshmallow…things… that are bought and set out as propitiatory offerings for the Eater Bunny, it would still be A Lot, but there are also an inordinate number of non-edible items sold for the holiday.

Some have to do with the decoration of the votive egg offerings. (Apparently, plain white eggs are not enough to persuade the rabbit not to eat your offspring.) This box purports to be able to transform your hen fruits into friendly forest creatures.

Sigyn is enchanted. I suspect there will be some ovoid foxes and raccoons in my future.

If she gets to make cute little animals, I want to make these:

Of course, the decorated eggs need to be carefully housed so that they do not break. Real artificial grass is usually the packing material of choice. This kind is green and sparkly.

I approve! I think I’ll buy a bag and feed it to the felines. The human female is always complaining about what a boring job cleaning the litterbox is…

Hmm. I am now looking at a display of other Eater Bunny-adjacent merchandise. There are simple toys.

What do you think, Sigyn> Could the human female manage a twelve-piece puzzle, do you think? Of course, someone else would have to color it for her. (She still has trouble staying inside the lines.)

There is also a huge assortment of plush toys. For weirdness, nothing is going to beat the bunny-eared sloth that the human female found a few years back, but there are some close contenders.

I’m not sure if it’s a rabbit in an egg or or just a rabbit wearing a really ugly crop top. Whichever, I suspect Sigyn has already invited it for lunch on Sunday. (I want to try to watch it eat. Those pathetic little arms are T-rex-ish in their proportions.)

Now hold on just a minute! How did this thing get in here?

There are Eater Bunny Season dinosaurs now? That doesn’t seem right.

On second thought, bring back the brontosaurus. Anything is better than this abomination.

Avaunt ye, thou miscegenated rabbicken! I banish thee to Muspelheim, there to perish in the eternal flames!

I’m actually a little scared now. Sigyn, with such fell creatures roaming the premises, the market is no place for us. Let me just steal this big, solid gold egg,

…and we can be on our way.

I know a good fence, so lunch is on me.

>|: [

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