I Say, “Beads.” The Human Female says, “Tiny Shinies,” and Sigyn Says, “Squeee!”

The humans had some business in the Big City to the West today. Sigyn and I have tagged along on this jaunt because, the business being now concluded, we have some serious poking and marketing to do.

Sigyn and the human female have been sweetly cajoling—well, Sigyn has been sweetly cajoling and the human female has been whining–so our first stop is a bead shop. Norns save us.

I should have brought a book. It is going to take forever for those two to look at everything! The selection of seed beads alone is astonishing.

I am surprised. Sigyn usually hummingbirds right toward the reds, but today her attention seems to have been caught by these metallic beads. Gold is very godly, so if you want some, Sigyn, I will get some for you. I could use anything you don’t require to jazz up my wardrobe a bit.

Okay, now she’s found her element.

What would you do with several hundred fist-sized beads?

Or with these fancy jars of what looks like colored sugar?

The human female says “AB” stands for “Aurora Borealis” and describes a particular sort of luster coating that is applied to the tiny glass beads. I’m not sure about that. I think it stands for “A Bunch,” and is put on jars of beads whose contents the jar-fillers didn’t bother to count.

Ehehehe! I know that “Miyuki” is a manufacturer and that these are beads meant to space out larger beads on a strand,

But you can’t tell me that doesn’t sound like some sort of futuristic, intergalactic basketball team.

All of the sparkly enticements have quite gone to Sigyn’s head. My sweetie has just discovered that strings of 3 mm Czech fire-polished beads are the exact right size for swinging on.

We may be asked to leave. I don’t think the proprietors mind so much about the swinging. It’s the little, Sigyn-sized Tarzan yells they don’t appreciate.

Perhaps, my love, a strategic retreat is called for…

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