Predictable But Still Fun

Given the presence of an Asian market within a ten mile radius, the likelihood of the humans checking it out approaches 87%. Therefore, it is no surprise that there is more than one in the game plan for today’s visit to the Big City to the West.

Our first stop is a Japanese grocery and gift shop we have visited before. Sigyn loves this place. It’s where we got the moon-faced bun man last year. They have them again today, but Sigyn is thinking that today she wants to try one of the kitty-faced ones.

That’s almost as vacant an expression as Flannel’s.

While Sigyn is looking at sweets, I am examining their selection of home-made rice packets wrapped in leaves.

Slap some numbers on one of these and you’ll have yourself an oversized, edible, four-sided die.

Great Frigga’s Hairpins! Sigyn, come look!

It’s a veritable rainbow of delicious, delicious ice cream mochi! I’d ask which kind you want, but since I have my own little pocket dimension in which to sequester things, I say we just take a box of each and figure out which one is the best later.

Yikes! Look at the size of this gobo root!

The human female is always moaning about having to weed the yards. New goal: track down the seeds of this plant and put some all around the property, preferably alongside something with shallow, delicate roots that cannot be disturbed. I want to watch her try to get one of these out in one piece!

What have you found now, Sigyn?

Ah. I know what that is, even without looking at the sign. It’s a set of figures representing the twelve animals of the Asian zodiac. This year is the year of the Tiger. I haven’t checked, but I feel sure I must be a Tiger or Dragon–or after that Svadilfari business, perhaps Horse is more fitting. Sigyn is undoubtedly a Rabbit, she’s so tiny and cute and mild-mannered. Having seen the human female when cake is involved, I think it’s safe to mark her down for “Pig.”

The human male has bought some apple mochi (Just mochi, sadly. Not ice cream ones) and some instant noodly things. While he’s checking out, Sigyn is having one last look around.

She has the happy ability to make friends wherever she goes. We haven’t been here twenty minutes and she’s already been invited to join the yoga class!

Next stop, the game store in the Asian strip mall. It’s not necessarily oriental, just conveniently located.

Well, this looks like a fun one.

I have been the only person at a party with an axe before, and it was indeed a very good time.

Human female, where did you go? Come over here and look at this:

Someone put your face on a game without your permission.

I think you should sue.

>|: [

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