Day: April 29, 2022

You’re Going to Need Something to Go With the Fizzy Water

Man does not live by fizzy water alone—assuming, of course, that he has any fizzy water. As we have seen, the presence of any particular carbonated beverage cannot be assured.

The human male is fond of trying strange flavors of potato chips. And he has lots of options! If there’s one thing that continues to baffle me about this planet, it’s the propensity of the residents to try to shoehorn the most outlandish, least intuitive flavors into chips.

Here are some of the more daring offerings I’ve noted recently.

Not just chicken, mind you, but chicken sandwich. Complete with essence of dill pickle slice. Urrrrr.

Or how about cocktail-flavored chips?

Or chips with pretensions of being other fried snack foods?

Then there’s these:

I can’t even anymore.

Oh, wait! These! You have to buy and try some of these! They’re not potato chips, but come on! It’s a moral imperative!

I never thought about it before, but now it’s going to keep me up at night: Just what does a chupacabra taste like?

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