Month: May 2022

Kominn tími á hlé

I don’t know if my minions have been keeping track, but it has been eight years–and more!–since I began my conquest of Midgard. In that time, I have perpetrated endless mischief, traveled widely, seen many strange sights, and met the love of my life.


I don’t seem to be making any progress on actually taking over the planet. Given that, I think it is time to fall back a bit, regroup, rethink, and concentrate for a while on world domination rather than wreaking havoc on the human female’s car door locks. I shall step away from this blog for a bit, refocus my godly energies and, Norns willing, return.

In the meantime, why not go back to the beginning of the archive and start over? My exploits are no less glorious for having been told before.

I shall keep an eye on the comments, in case anyone cares to send a missive. Farewell for now.

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