All Right, Let’s Try This Catalog

It took a cup or two of cocoa and some serious cuddling to get Sigyn past her disappointment over not being able to order a snow leopard from the WWF catalog we looked at yesterday, so today we are looking at a more traditional catalog. It’s the Bullseye Dog one. Sigyn likes it because anything […]

Parting Words (Sigyn Speaks)

We’re going home!  The Great Goober’s mumbled slurrings were, “Perhaps,” and the inducement of enormous gems was apparently sufficient to convince him to help us out.  Oh, I’m so glad!   It’s been an adventure, but I’m ready to go home to the humans and the cats and the spring wildflowers, which must surely be out […]

Goobers Great and Small

We have been following all the little Goobers for some time now.  I’m tired. Sigyn must be exhausted.   We have come to the outskirts of the city–I recognize the crumbling green pavement. The triple-eyed black fellow with the funny chef’s hat is new.  A friend of Iggle-Nix’s, no doubt.  Let’s hope the chef’s hat means […]

Here a Minion, There a Minion, Everywhere a Minion

We have been walking for hours.  Sigyn, my beloved, let us sit down and rest a while.  (She’s a brave soul and would continue to soldier on if I didn’t periodically feign weariness and request a halt.) Rocks are a little hard on the bottom, but it’s a bit better than sitting in the dirt. […]