Loki in London, Day 14: Last Chances…

Today is our last day in London.  No one really wants to go home.  If I had tuppence for every time I’ve had to listen to the human female whine, “But whyyyy can’t we live here?” I would have enough to actually buy a place and move here.  Without her. So we’re all a bit […]

Loki in London, Day 13: Apparently the Empire Has *Two* Attics

Today is another not-riding-the Tube day.  The human female is in a very good mood for two reasons. 1. While my attention was occupied elsewhere, she found a little Bakewell Tart at Waitrose for breakfast.  She and I then had a heated argument about whether such a thing is an Approved Breakfast Food.  I may […]

Loki in London, Day 12: In Which We Hang Out With People Who Have Been Dead for Centuries

London may be an ultra-modern, high-tech, chrome-and-glass sort of city, but there is an awful lot of “past”here.  In Asgard, things stay the same for millennia.  Things change here, but you don’t have to look very hard to find bits and pieces of ancientry. I think the humans may have planned today to be Get […]

Loki in London, Day 11: Dear Thor, We’re Here; Wish You Were Fine

Our objective today is Greenwich.  You know, that place where my dear “brother” Thor is not welcome.  Ehehehehe.  We are back on the south side of the river and, apparently, it is too much trouble for most tourists to come out this way, because we have the place much more to ourselves than has been […]

Loki in London, Day 10: Science Overload

Today we are doing something Different! and Exciting! and Non-Traditional! We are not taking the Tube anywhere.  Nope, we are staying right in “our” neighborhood, sampling the best that Kensington has to offer. I have heard that the finest things in Kensington–in all London, in fact–are to be found at Harrod’s, that great temple to […]

Loki in London, Day 9: Peace and War and Peace Again

It is sunnier today, both weather and mood-wise.  This is good, because if morale hadn’t improved, I was going to have to start slapping mortals. We are headed across the river–or under it, I’m not sure which, I just get on and off trains–to a part of the city we haven’t seen yet.  South Wark.  […]

Loki in London, Day 8: From “Meh” to Mostly Mellow

It  was bound to happen.  Put two highly eccentric mortals, one god, and one delightful sweetheart of a Sigyn in a hotel room for a week, and the pointy corners of everyone’s personalities are bound to scrape up against the tender sensibilities of everyone else.  We’re all a little tired from doing so much, more […]

Loki in London, Day 7: Halfway Through– The Empire’s Attic

It’s hard to believe that we’re already half-way through our stay in this city.  Some patterns have already become firmly established.  The humans exhibit an inexhaustible enthusiasm for photographing bits of architecture and every plant there is.  They complain about aching feet and hips and backs.  (I have seen to it that the female has […]

Loki in London, Day 6: Celebrating the Arts Decorative, Horticultural, Culinary, and Musical

Today is to be devoted to the arts.  Yay, culture. We are doing another Waitrose breakfast.  While the humans are inside, choosing what they want to eat, Sigyn and I are admiring the flooring in Gloucester Arcade.  We decided to color-swap today. By Volstagg’s crumb-filled beard!  The humans are eating while running for the Tube […]

Loki in London, Day 5: Of Pussycats and Puddles

There’s an old Midgardian children’s rhyme whose entirety escapes me, but it involves interrogating a feline about his traveling to this city to gape at a monarch… An activity we are apparently attempting. It is NOT a good day for this, weather-wise.  Spring has exited stage left and winter is enjoying a curtain call.  There […]