A Dash to the Outcrop, Part II: Not Everything Here is Friendly

There are so many flowers here today that they wouldn’t all fit in one post.  Sigyn is happy to see them. She especially likes this penstemon because the flowers are so big. I sort of like the old plainsman.  What looks like a single flower is actually a cluster of tiny ones.  They can be […]

A Dash to the Outcrop, Part I: Old Friends (Sigyn speaks)

The humans are on their way to the Big City to the South.  Fortunately, the outcrop that the human female and I love so much is on the way, more or less.  We are making a quick stop to see the effects of last year’s controlled burn. The last time we saw this place, it […]

Another Day, Another Outcrop

It would seem that the human female has not had enough of sun, sand, and scrambling about over rocks looking at planty things.  She and Sigyn got up at the merest whimper of dawn this morning to go to a “field day” in the next county over.  I had heard the Midgardian expression “having a […]

“O” is for October and also for Outcrop

They say that October usually brings clement weather to this part of Midgard. Very blue skies, the first stirrings of even marginally cool air, and a colorful assortment of fall-flowering plants. I was unamused, though, when the human female dragged us out early yesterday to go do sciency things. Sigyn could scarcely control her excitement. […]

I Am Quite Famous in the Botanical Community

Sigyn, do you know what day it is? It’s go-to-the-outcrop-and-look-for-the-rare-plant day! The weather should be lovely, too, so grab your sunscreen and let’s go! (a bit later) Here we are. The human female is meeting two colleagues here. Between the three of them, they hope to get an accurate account of how many (if any) […]

Here a Neener, There a Neener, Everywhere a Neener-neener, Part II: New Releases (and possibly some shoving)

Yesterday we looked at plants we’d already seen recently. Nice, but a bit BORING. Where are the new things? I checked the calendar. It is FALL now. Show me fall things!! I demand fall things! Ah. This is better. False foxglove. Shows up like clockwork the third week of September. Sigyn and I have a […]

A Somewhat Subversive Walk

Long-time minions may recall that Sigyn and I used to favor a walk to the small pond that used to be in our neighborhood.  You may also recall that some money-grubbing developer from the Big City to the South came and bulldozed away that pond to build some Large, Ugly Apartments.  I swore, then, that […]

A Fall Scramble, Part II: Thar She Blows (Whatever The Heck That Means)

The human female is becoming a bit concerned because she hasn’t seen any of her rare flowers  yet.  I think it is one of those things, though, that you have to see the first one, and then, once your eye is trained, you start to see them everywhere. Augh!  Now she’s squealing abominably.  I suppose […]