Sigyn’s Great Gardening Adventure, Part I: The Community Garden

Sigyn gets…ideas sometimes.   Inspiration can strike seemingly out of thin air.  I’m not sure what’s triggered this round of enthusiasm, though I have a sneaking hunch it might be the radishes she sliced the other day. Whatever the impetus, Sigyn has now declared that she’s going to start a garden.  I’ve tried to explain to her […]

Sigyn Making Brassicaceous Friends

Recently the human female, for reasons passing understanding, decided that radishes would make an interesting and low-calorie snack food.  As if anyone has ever bought and eaten radishes on purpose. Sigyn is being helpful and slicing some up. They are destined for the lunchbox.  Or maybe the salad.  I can’t be bothered to keep track […]

Loki in London, Day 9: Peace and War and Peace Again

It is sunnier today, both weather and mood-wise.  This is good, because if morale hadn’t improved, I was going to have to start slapping mortals. We are headed across the river–or under it, I’m not sure which, I just get on and off trains–to a part of the city we haven’t seen yet.  South Wark.  […]

Biryani, anyone?

The humans pride themselves on being organized about the meal planning and the shopping. The female, especially, tries to make sure that healthful vegetables make regular appearances on the table and that leftovers are used in a creative and timely fashion. It’s rare that they are caught out with nothing to cook for dinner. This […]

The Promise of a Garden

The human female has just about given up on planting much this year. Overnight, the weather has jumped straight from apocalyptically rainy to hot enough to fry small plants in one afternoon. It is as if someone flipped a cosmic switch. (Note: Not I! I do not care for heat.) It is certainly too hot […]

Mischief in Houston, Part III: Food Geekery

Now I know what the small ice chest we brought down in the car is for. The humans are visiting one of their large, fancy indoor food markets. The human female can hardly restrain herself. She and Sigyn are actually cooing at the various botanical offerings. Yes, yes, Sigyn. The “eeeetty beeetty” squashes are “cute,” […]

Final Preparations, Part I — O, Yggdrasil, O, Yggdrasil

Last year, when I arrived on Midgard, the humans had a large, decorated tree in their home. I am gratified this year to be able to assist with the process of decorating a similar one. It’s no Yggdrasil, but I believe I can add that special Loki touch. I understand that illuminating the boughs is […]