What’s Behind Door Number 302? Part IV: ‘Cause This is Chiller

There is more than gloves, Squiggly/Leggedy Things, and Planty Things in this room.  This is also where the human female and her staff keep the ultra cold freezer and the special refrigerator that can hold flammable things.  That last appliance doesn’t make any sense.  If something is on fire, it’s not exactly cold. Let’s see what […]

What’s Behind Door Number 302? Part III: A Fern or Something

Room 302 houses not only Squiggly Things and gloves, it’s also home to a host of Leafy Bits.  This is much more Sigyn’s thing and the human female’s.  Flowers are somewhat interesting, but no flowers here.  All this all-green stuff looks alike to me. Nephrolepis?  Pteridium?  Adiantum?  Who knows?  Who cares! This one’s a little […]

What’s Behind Door Number 302? Part II: These Were Meant To Be Ours

Room 302, aside from being the Squiggly Things room, is also an overflow space for various consumable supplies.  It’s mostly boring things like paper towels and cotton swabs and little plastic cups and bigger plastic cups. This is also one of the many stash places for gloves.  Soooo many gloves.  (Either the humans are really […]

What’s Behind Door Number 302? Part I: Leggedy Things

Sigyn, do you know what the human female is keeping in room 302?  No?  Neither do I.  It’s uncharted territory.  Like most unexplored places, it can be very difficult to get to.  Mostly because I magicked the card reader on the door and it almost never works.  The human female doesn’t even try anymore.  She […]

A Mini-Safari, Part IV: Jars of Tiny Terrors

We’re still exploring Room 302. We have bid farewell to the arthropodial denizens of the main shelving unit, traversed the Fern Jungle in the center of the room, and fetched up in the corner where the human female and her staff keep all of the tinier invertebrates.  If you’re looking for flatworms or vinegar eels, […]

A Mini-safari, Part III: A Surfeit of Legs

We are continuing to explore the invertebrate fauna of Room 302. Shh. Be very quiet. Under this pot is a vessel holding a venomous centipede! They come from the Purveyor of Squiggly Things in small plastic containers full of dirt, leaf litter, and wet paper toweling.  They’re happy in there, but impossible to observe. Right […]

A Mini-safari, Part I: Pinchy Pinchy

The portion of of the semester in which the human female’s biology students study various invertebrates has arrived.  Sigyn has expressed interest in the spineless and a desire to meet the local Ecdysozoans.  I could do with an expedition myself, so here we are, down the hall, in the famous Room 302, which is famous […]

What’s That Stuff? I’m Not Telling!

It has been too quiet here in the human female’s workspace, ever since Slow, Silent, and Costly showed up to fix the drooling cold room.  Time for me to cause a bit more mischief. Hmmm.  What could I do that would be annoying every single day?  Something she and her staff use all the time?  […]

Loki Takes New York, Day 1: This Seems Ill-advised

The humans, after two years of ceaseless whining about not getting a “proper vacation,” have, with their usual lack of care and forethought, thrown together a trip at the last minute and have dragged Sigyn and me along.  Imbeciles!  Did it never occur to either of you that I might want a break just as much […]

Whirlwind Getaway, Day 2, Part One: Do We *Really* Want to Be Outdoors?

Ugh.  No relief from the heat.  If anything, it is hotter than yesterday.  Large City to the North is not friendly to Frost Giants.  The humans have no consideration for me, though, so we are off.  Time to get going!  Things to do!  People to see!  Double ugh. But first:  breakfast!  The human female’s preoccupation […]