The Room of Doom, Part III: Calling on the Old Gods

It has crossed my mind that if I am to properly subdue Midgard and rule it utterly, I might need to occasionally enlist the help of some of the native deities. Contacting them, however, has proven unexpectedly difficult. Gods often dwindle as their devotees die out, and many are sleeping the sleep of the unremembered. […]

The Room of Doom, Part II: Trash and treasure

Today I begin my in-depth fossicking about, looking for useful bits and pieces. Someone with my godly intelligence and keen inventiveness should be able to make some fine weapons or other contrivances out of the best fragments and scrappets. But first I think I want to don a pair of these protective gloves. There’s not […]

The Room of Doom, Part I: Where clutter goes to die

No photos of me today*, but Great Frigga’s corset, would you look at this? The human female and her cohorts must be doing something correctly, because enrollment in their courses has grown to the point where another lab room is required. Since staging a coup and booting a different department’s courses out of the building […]

Mischief Update: Sometimes I Even Make Myself Tired

I am getting so good at beating the human female into the ground that sometimes I even exhaust myself. She was whingeing the other day that she hasn’t a pain-free day since last September.  If it’s not a headache it’s a stomach ache or her wonky elbow or her crummy eyes.  Mostly it’s her trotters […]

Mischief Update

What with distractions in the form of cat toys, UV reflecting plants, baffling seasonal decor, and whatnot, it appears I have failed to update my minions and admirers on my mischief-related activities.  I shall now rectify this lapse. I saw to it that the ready-made salad the human female had for lunch the other day […]

Mischief Update: Many Happy Returns

I’ve been a busy little bee this week.  It’s a two-headache week for the human female, and it’s only Thursday!  (Can’t we find something else to call this fourth day of the week?  It galls me to cite my oafish brother every seventh day.  And can we talk about Wednesday = Odinsday?  Honestly, honoring those […]

Mischief Update: Time for Everyone’s Favorite Game

It has been some days since I last made note of my progress in driving the human female bonkers.  (“Bonkers.” What a quaint little Midgardian word…  “Bonkers.”  “Bonkers.”  It is fun to say.)  Nonetheless, I have been rather busy meddling with her home and work life. I’ve seen to it that she hasn’t felt well […]

Mischief Update: I might be losing my touch… (Warning: Disturbingly Cow-themed)

I…I don’t know what happened.  You’ll recall that I’d managed to completely snafu-ify the human female’s order for cow-based research chemicals.  I had hoped to prolong that indefinitely, but I must have become distracted somehow, because it came. What’s even more embarrassing is that the long-lost agar agar (the goop so nice they named it […]

We now resume our regularly scheduled Mischief

I’ve been remiss in not updating, but my sabotage of the human female’s work life continues unabated. 1. You will recall that she ordered an absurd quantity of microscope slides from the Purveyor of Dead Things. She thought she had the shipping sorted, but I intervened. Five boxes showed up, with a total of 238 […]

Loki Takes New York, Day 12: Last Chance for Anything

Well, even though it is our very LAST day in the city, and thus our last chance to try to get to any of the sights or shops or events that the humans have on their long, long list of unfinished business, they are most definitely slow off the mark this morning.  AT my nudging, […]