A Late Spring/Early Summer Jaunt

The humans are traveling to see the male’s family in the tiny city rather far to the west.  Sigyn and I have tagged along.  Sigyn, because she likes long car rides and seeing new things; I, because new surroundings can equal new opportunities for mischief. The roadsides have shifted from spring’s blue, pink, and white […]

Sometimes You Have to Amuse Yourself

Sigyn and I have accompanied the humans on a short trip to visit the male’s mother and stepfather.  Because their house is tiny, we are lodging in an inn. I think I have finally broken Sigyn of the desire to eat sink cake, so we are having to find other ways to amuse ourselves. Perhaps […]

The Mini-est of Breaks, Part III: Pens and Pastry

You would think that the humans had eaten as much as they possibly could, but no! The human female and the blue-haired god-daughter have decided to take advantage of this rare trip to the Big City to the South to try out a highly-touted pastry shop.  Let us join them, Sigyn.  There is always room […]

Another Quaint Midgardian Inn, Part I: Here We Go Again

The humans have traveled to be with the male’s mother and her husband.  As their abode is quite small, this necessitates that the humans lodge in a local inn.  I have learned that many Midgardian inns are indistinguishable from one another.  Same key cards that I can nudge not to work, same room, same temperamental […]

Are We There Yet?

Ugh.  I let myself be persuaded to go along on the humans’ trip out to the far western portion of this state/province/fiefdom of Midgard where the human female’s mother lives.  What they neglected to mention is that this is just about the biggest damned state/province/fiefdom in this particular realm.  We are going to be in […]

A micro-vacation, Part III: Nature study is an acceptable pastime

We passed a mostly pleasant night, though the inn’s occupants need to learn about a little thing called inside voices. The humans are a bit put out that the inn’s website omitted the fact that it is under renovation and that the pool is closed. (My coding/hacking skills improve daily. And NO ONE wants to […]