It’s Been A While…

Since I sent the human female any plumbing-related woes.  I think, therefore, it would be interesting to have water appear randomly, with no discernible source. Odin’s Eyepatch! I appear to have miscalculated.  Instead of water appearing on the human female’s desk, it has manifested on the desk of one of her coworkers.  Still, the coworker […]

Mischief Update: Turning It Up to Eleven

Looking back over recent entries on this blog, I realize that it’s all been rather touchy-feely around here.  Family visits, art museums, wildflowers, and all manner of fluff. Don’t for a moment think, however, that I’ve turned over a new leaf or gone soft or wavered at all in my determination to make the human […]

Interesting Trivia

Did you know? Over 260,000,000 tons of plastic are produced every year. Including this bit. Did you know? Outdoor public telephone booths made their first appearance in the early 1900s. This one seems like a very tight fit.  (And the phone is missing.) Did you know? Most people will miss-draw a night sky with a […]

Mischief Update

I’m trying to make good on my resolution to keep my populace up to date on my doings.  Since I last reported, I had all that good fun in New York, but not all of my mischief has been travel-related. Vendors continue to be the bane of the human female’s existence.  Well, one of them, […]

Mischief Update: Sometimes I Even Make Myself Tired

I am getting so good at beating the human female into the ground that sometimes I even exhaust myself. She was whingeing the other day that she hasn’t a pain-free day since last September.  If it’s not a headache it’s a stomach ache or her wonky elbow or her crummy eyes.  Mostly it’s her trotters […]

Mischief Update

What with distractions in the form of cat toys, UV reflecting plants, baffling seasonal decor, and whatnot, it appears I have failed to update my minions and admirers on my mischief-related activities.  I shall now rectify this lapse. I saw to it that the ready-made salad the human female had for lunch the other day […]

Mischief Update: Is Mischief an Event at the Olympics? (part II)

Why, look!  There’s more wickedness over here! Every now and then I act against my Frost Giant nature and fiddle with the cold rooms in the human female’s workplace.  Two weeks ago, both of them went out.  What, you don’t like 80 F for storing things?  They got fixed over the course of several days, […]

A micro-vacation, Part I: Something new in an old town

The humans are all in a tizzy because the new university semester is due to start soon. It means that shopping, dining out, parking, and navigating traffic are all going to become exponentially more difficult as the number of people in town skyrockets. Once classes start up, there’s really no taking a break until Yule. […]

Mischief Update

It’s Thursday, so it must be time to update you on my campaign to make the human female completely gray before her time. Luckily, I am multi-talented and am perfectly capable of directing mayhem while accompanying my sweetie and the pokey bookworm through the library. 1. The water fountain has been installed on the human […]