Nuptial Frivolities

The human male’s coworker and his sweetheart are being married today.  Sigyn, you remember them.  He is the one who makes that delicious dish with the shellfish, and she is the one who has paid tribute to my signature look with her hairstyle. For reasons passing my understanding, I have not been invited to the […]

It’s That Time Again

The spring primroses and thistles are blooming on the roadsides.  The days alternate between nippy and balmy.  Shorts are seen as often as gloves. Some of the trees are starting to show just a smidge of fall color. Houses and shops are ablaze with tiny lights on a nightly basis.  All of these conflicting signs […]

The Cake is a Lie

Humans set great store by birthdays and anniversaries.  The educational institution at which the human male and female work is celebrating the 140th anniversary of its founding this year, and there are all sorts of festivities planned. Now 140 years, in comparison with the age of Asgard, or even the lifespan of a single Aes […]